Back to Normality with Functionality

So, I now have a kinda functional youtube channel.. I figured with the build up to 50 subscribers (am just 1 off now) I should make my youtube channel seem less .. well .. noob :p

Created, encoded and added a channel trailer and given it is now Jurassic Park .. it does the job for now. I’m not exactly knowledgeable with Adobe Premiere Pro yet so it was a learning experience.

Go check it out at LadyCath on Youtube

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Hook Traumas

Baught these plastic hooks a ling time ago because they were light and in pretty colours. Little did I know they were so difficult to use not because of the weight but because the shiny plastic sticks to the wool when pulling through tight loops.


To anyone looking at getting them for their children or themselves … get metal ones and save yourself the stress.


#Brisburnians dedicate their time to advertising and organizing Meets for Brisbane and surrounding areas.Starting on in 2009 we began as a small group of friends meeting in the city at night after work, from there we invited friends whom invited friends and we grew into the large scale group we are today.

We moved from DeviantArt to facebook to reach a wider audience.

Anyone is welcome, you do not have to be a Picasso or Michelangelo to be a member, just have an interest in something arty

We run from a facebook group, please drop by and join in the fun :)

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