What did we used to do when?

What would life be like without electricity.. If all your lights turned off right now.  If you lost your aircon on these hut summer days, no ceiling fan to circulate air.. no fridge or freezer to keep your meat or chill your cola.

There would be no web, no mobile phone reception, no manufacturing.  Your credit history, loans, credit cards and any savings gone.

I always wondered would the government still demand land rates, how will rent be collected?  You’d need to grow your food or trade for it with someone else whom does.  There would be no woolworths or coles, no Hungry Jacks to get your frozen coke fix that day.

After the riots and fear and spread of disease which would cause many deaths, once people realized one could stay clean and healthy without their spa bath or organic herb infused milk bodywash that was made in a factory in Thailand out of chemicals and $30 hairdressers shampoo, once people settled into the fact they need to make fire to cook and collect water to drink… what would society do with their time?

I was lucky enough to be born in the time just before personal computing rose,  remember playing with dolls and waging war against my brother in the yard, when I was 10 I climbed trees, tortured insects, went to the beach, had toys for indoors and out and didn’t know what a smartphone was, there was no facebook or twitter, no instagram or youtube, our main method of long distance communication wasn’t a text saying “How R U?”  It was a letter hand written that took 3 days to get delivered, it was a phone call where if they were not home you left no message, you just tried another time.

Back when people would make plans through letter writing or phone call and they actually went because there was no way of texting “sorry, cant b there, made othr plnz” after the other person had been waiting at said meeting point for 45 mins.  When people were held to their word.

I wonder what life would be like if we never had this technology, these luxuries we have, the things we take for granted every day.  having the ability to call mum whilst i’m on the road to tell her all is going well, the ability to have fresh water pumped to the house every day and an encyclopedia at my fingertips on the computer, to be able to see photos of a family member without having to visit, the hot water you have in your house to shower with (yes that includes  gas as the gas that is pumped to your house is powered by a plant that runs on … you guessed it .. electricity).

As much as I have trouble dragging myself away from Minecraft or my iPad or refreshing my email and Facebook every 4 mins, I wonder if life would be better without it all.

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Fruity Loops

So its been an interesting few weeks to say the least.  Eventful for someone whom barely leaves the house.

Not naming anyone here, but I’ve had with me and those around me: cancer scares, betrayal and forgiveness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, illness, near death, loss of young life, college, admin stuff for Autcraft, a birthday coming up soon, several just gone, still no job, a few job rejections, weird dreams, new diet.

Yeah … busy, LOL

Needless to say the things I can control I have be trying for the past few days to right again, to get life back to normality, I feel like I’ve hit the improbability button from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

“I think I’m a sofa”
“I know how you feel”

What about him?

I am watching Dr Phil, something I do semi-regularly.  I have the greatest respect for him and his wife and I feel they both do a spectacular service to the people of America and the world when it comes to psychological help.


Today I find myself being upset at the TV.  Today’s couple was a young man whom not long ago came back from Iraq with the army and he has been verbally abusing his wife.

Now although in this instance what Dr Phil and his wife prescribed for them what I feel was correct, I found the show had a “Men are the violent ones” theme.

In this day in age however I find that in MANY cases women are verbally and sometimes physically abusive to their partners.  What about the men?  Where is their help, their salvation?

There are all these websites, places around the world, books etc for women in abusive situations but I want to know what about the men?  I know once upon a time the woman was the ‘weaker’ sex, that the man was the ‘man’ in the relationship but I’m sorry, tables have turned int he past 50 years.  Women are no longer the only victims in the world.

THIS is the true gender inequality.  Feminists I feel are not true feminists if they believe that women are the only ones whom can be abused.  I wish I saw more resources for ‘people’ whom are in abusive relationships, not just women.

Backing up there… here… everywhere.

So the depression has taken an interesting turn.

I am not sure if it is me being home all the time or not having a job… but I am avoiding direct contact with may people now.  Face to face I am fine with but I’m not answering the phone, I’ve turned off chat for Facebook entirely, won’t reply to many pm’s and only talk to a select few on Skype.

It is nothing personal, I am not upset or annoyed at you if I am not talking.

I just don’t want to talk.

I am fine on forums and normal Facebook.  I will reply to comments and all.  I guess because it means I can reply in my own time, I don’t have to explain what i’m doing, why i cant talk right now, don’t have to explain its not them its me, i just don’t feel like talking, that yes i’m fine, no you don’t need to call me etc etc.  It’s exhausting having to do all that.  If someone doesn’t wanna talk, they don’t wanna talk, that isn’t a cue for 400 questions.

So .. yeah. The better reply would be something along the lines if ‘No worries, you know i’m here if you need me” and leave it at that.  It shows you care and that you are thinking of the person but you respect their wishes to not talk .. and am there if they wish to.

Even if I don’t talk to you, I am still thinking of you, I still love you all.  I just need some serious me time.  When I feel comfortable chatting again I will call or Skype or message or whatever.  Am massively overdue for a holiday.

I need to work this one out for myself.  Because I know its all in my head and I just wanted everyone to know, it isn’t anything they have done wrong, I still care for you all as much as I have ever done so.  I just don’t want to talk right now.

I could almost call it selective mute-ism.

So if you’ve been calling .. I have noticed and I’ll call you back when I am feeling a bit better, I promise, if you’ve been messaging on various ways online, I’ll reply when I feel up to it.



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Cat safe?

Husband and I went for a bit of a drive around the local area when we got some milk from woolies, just to wait for traffic to thin before heading home.  We see a walking track heading into bushland.

Husband: “I’ve been looking for places to walk that are cat-friendly”

Me: (in my head) “Cat safe, what the fuck is he on about, we don’t own a cat … and what is cat friendly?  like a dog park but with cats?   Wait … maybe he means me”

Me: “Oh, cat-friendly” *facepalm*

Feeling stupid much?


Had a great day mostly, went to college, had buttered chicken curry for free food Wednesdays at college (which I discovered I still don’t like curries) for lunch and got an assessment done and dusted.

I found it much easier to concentrate there than at home as there are way less distractions, I felt more motivated and sitting in air-conditioned bliss was much better than home with games, husband, tv and 32 degree humid yuck temperatures.

My happy day turns a nice 180 and now I am in the mood where I would bite off someones head, I feel like I can’t do anything online without someone trying to talk to me, I just feel like I could turn off the internet, like we should go back to the old way of email and phone calls.

What is with peoples desperate pleas to be communicated with.  When X says “are you there” and y does not reply, it is not a reason for x to ask every 4 mins “are you there”, “are you ok”, “what are you doing”, “are you ignoring me” etc etc and then getting shitty when you do not reply.

Why is it so offensive to people these days when you just simply don’t want to talk.  If y told me they did not want to talk I would be fine with it .. why does x have a massive issue and feel offended that y just doesn’t feel like chatting, just wants to browse facebook in peace?  Why is it a necessity .. no a RULE or LAW that if you are on facebook you MUST talk to someone if they talk to you?  and Why does someone have to have an excuse as to why they are not talking.

Our lives are now public domain because of facebook, twitter, foursquare etc etc and for some reason what also makes people loose their common sense and entitles us to also give up our rights to privacy when we want it.

P.S Jo, I know you messaged me, this isn’t a reaction to you, this started before then, love you bella. <3


The long tasks lay ahead

I now have the joy of filling the website.

Unlike in the past where it has has a portfolio design, this time I feel I want more of a blog style, using categories and archives to allow users to browse posts… oh and good ol’ search of course.  So i suppose if you were to look for something I took a photograph of you’d look in the Photography category if one has been made.

If I feel the need then I will create a static page for something, otherwise I will stick to About as my only page.  Honestly using categories will be enough.

Am heading into College tomorrow… am quite behind, am not proud of that but I need to do something to get me out of this anti-motivation force field I am in.  Have done piss-all of anything lately and the cabin fever of being home and unemployed is driving me absolutely batty.  I am certain husband will be happy to have most of the day to himself too.. hahaha.

I just want to sleep, eat and play Autcraft on Minecraft.  Shame I cannot be paid for that.