#Brisburnians dedicate their time to advertising and organizing Meets for Brisbane and surrounding areas.Starting on DeviantArt.com in 2009 we began as a small group of friends meeting in the city at night after work, from there we invited friends whom invited friends and we grew into the large scale group we are today.

We moved from DeviantArt to facebook to reach a wider audience.

Anyone is welcome, you do not have to be a Picasso or Michelangelo to be a member, just have an interest in something arty

We run from a facebook group, please drop by and join in the fun :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/158122507565666/

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Stitch and Bitch

Have dome some crochet lately, just a few small things but they won’t be available for viewing until the end of June.  They are for my mums birthday and even though she has no internet I can’t risk her seeing them early a she has some very web savvy grandchildren whom might accidentally let slip ;)

In the name of stitching, I’ve been reading … mind you very slowly reading… a book called Divas Don’t Knit by Gil McNeil.  It’s an incredibly amusing tale of a young wife whom looses her husband in a car accident at the most unfortunate timing ever, and moves with her children to a small seaside town near her mother to take over the family yarn store.  The situations, the things ehr children say and do, the whole novel is so believable that it could very well be real.

The depression comes and goes.  Some days it can fee like it is strangling any want of social interaction out of you and other days it is almost as if you never had it at all.   But I’ll survive, always do.  I will get to my Psychologist one of these days.. can’t wait too long though, my referral will run out in a few months.  I’m not sleeping like the dead any more.  Once upon a time I could sleep as soon as my eyelids shut and I will be so sound asleep until morning.  Lately It can take hours to fall asleep unless I am really really really tired and I am waking during the night repeatedly.  Got some scary stuff happening within the family lately and to come so I suppose that’s mainly what is holding back my sleep and causing the nightmares also.  But… I have my friend Pepsi-Max to get me through the day awake :p

Still, I should go, let me find an image to leave you with ;)


What did we used to do when?

What would life be like without electricity.. If all your lights turned off right now.  If you lost your aircon on these hut summer days, no ceiling fan to circulate air.. no fridge or freezer to keep your meat or chill your cola.

There would be no web, no mobile phone reception, no manufacturing.  Your credit history, loans, credit cards and any savings gone.

I always wondered would the government still demand land rates, how will rent be collected?  You’d need to grow your food or trade for it with someone else whom does.  There would be no woolworths or coles, no Hungry Jacks to get your frozen coke fix that day.

After the riots and fear and spread of disease which would cause many deaths, once people realized one could stay clean and healthy without their spa bath or organic herb infused milk bodywash that was made in a factory in Thailand out of chemicals and $30 hairdressers shampoo, once people settled into the fact they need to make fire to cook and collect water to drink… what would society do with their time?

I was lucky enough to be born in the time just before personal computing rose,  remember playing with dolls and waging war against my brother in the yard, when I was 10 I climbed trees, tortured insects, went to the beach, had toys for indoors and out and didn’t know what a smartphone was, there was no facebook or twitter, no instagram or youtube, our main method of long distance communication wasn’t a text saying “How R U?”  It was a letter hand written that took 3 days to get delivered, it was a phone call where if they were not home you left no message, you just tried another time.

Back when people would make plans through letter writing or phone call and they actually went because there was no way of texting “sorry, cant b there, made othr plnz” after the other person had been waiting at said meeting point for 45 mins.  When people were held to their word.

I wonder what life would be like if we never had this technology, these luxuries we have, the things we take for granted every day.  having the ability to call mum whilst i’m on the road to tell her all is going well, the ability to have fresh water pumped to the house every day and an encyclopedia at my fingertips on the computer, to be able to see photos of a family member without having to visit, the hot water you have in your house to shower with (yes that includes  gas as the gas that is pumped to your house is powered by a plant that runs on … you guessed it .. electricity).

As much as I have trouble dragging myself away from Minecraft or my iPad or refreshing my email and Facebook every 4 mins, I wonder if life would be better without it all.

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