Flowers, Rain, Valium and Wool.. green tree wool

Is now the 11th of December, we are between one storm and another.  I’m already over the storm season.  Loving the warm but over the storms.  Had to take 2 valium and curl up in front of the pc doing crochet to ride out the last one.. the next one due in the next hour I would hazard a guess and possibly just as scary for me.  Oh my poor nerves.

Let me explain what it is like.  First you become a little nervous, we all know what that is like right .. well imagine that getting worse with every thunder clap, gradually becoming so bad you can’t help but shake all over.  You feel like you have skulled 4 energy drinks in one go and are running on that energetic high.  Stomach is in knots, bladder and bowel wanting to evac constantly and your brain working at a cool 400 miles per hour, all sorts of thoughts ripping through your mind from scary thoughts that won’t leave you alone to random things that you just blurt out as you slowly loose control and struggle.  Sometimes it can be so bad you sit, curled up in your safety space or where you feel the safest, to terrified to stand, move, touch certain things.

That’s just a glimpse of what an anxiety attack / fear is like.  Not a funny matter.

So I made these green Christmas trees with wool in crochet.  They are cute little things that I would just love to sell.  They are small, couple of inches tall to be used as tree ornaments.

I was using the pattern from an awesome youtube video I found

Also, taken some new photographs of our garden lately.  Here’s a sample..

IMG_5616 IMG_5671 IMG_5664 IMG_5661 IMG_5660 IMG_5628 IMG_5623 IMG_5643 IMG_5640 IMG_5625

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells…

So it is December 1st…. gosh that went quick!  Last I remember it was like the first week of November.  Suddenly it’s the first day of summer and time to put up the Christmas decorations.

Every year I look forward to the festive season.  I love Christmas.  I love the carols, decorations, giving gifts, seeing family, food etc etc.  But no-one else seems to and I have no idea why.  I get excited every year, Dec 1 comes around and I get all excited, listen to carols, decorate the house and then around a week in I get sad because no-one wants to share the christmas cheer with me.  People complain and whinge and I swear I am like the only person who likes carols.

What is it about Australians and the lack of festive spirit.


How many days?

So we are well into November now.  A week and a bit to be precise.  10 days.  Last month of Spring.

Today is the 10th and is very significant.  It is 1 day after my niece’s birthday, 1 day before Remembrance Day, 8 days after my recently passed Aunt’s birthday, 7 days after one of my closest friend’s birthday and one of the most important ones .. 2 days before my wedding anniversary.

And of course, because I am .. well .. me.. we cannot forget Christmas is just a month and a bit away!  I already have pressies collecting on the floor.  waiting for me to put up the tree and place them under it.  November for me always goes so slowly because I love to decorate with Christmas things.  Absolutely love it.

But anyhoo..

Need to finish (attach the limbs) and post off a parcel overseas, have to start and finish 4 family Christmas presents (2 f which need to be done by the first week of December) and smash out a whole lot of assessments.  Now I am thinking of it I also need to help prepare Autcraft for the festive season too… that is exciting!  We have some ripper of plans forming for the kids.

I don’t know how Americans do it .. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas .. I’d be broke .. well more broke than I am now, lol

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Right, need to get back to work.


Today hubby, FIL and I went to an Orchid Show on Mt Coo-tha in Brisbane.  Saw some truly beautiful flowers and plants.  Came home with 2 Hippies (Hippeastrum) and a Orchid (Den. Akatuki cross Pink Doll)

Husband took most photos but I managed to get a few in myself.  Not pleased with the lack of lighting but otherwise I like the shots.

IMG_5326 IMG_5325 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5322