Jingle Bells, Batman Smells….

So, during the week I had all this stuff planned that I wanted to talk about.  Every time something funny or sad or pushy or whatever happened I was like..”OOH must blog about that!”  and naturally .. I can’t think of a single thing!  It is all  gone.  Each and every single moment is gone.  This is why I need to learn to write stuff down.  So I don’t spend half a day thinking and thinking and coming up empty handed on what I wanted to chat about.

I added some pics to the website and changed the image sizes too.  As much as I love the photographs being full size it occurred to me that not everyone has a huge screen like me with my screen resolution so I took them down to thumbnail and to be honest it looks better than before.  Yes it means people have to click on the images to make them larger but the pages are less crowded, people do not need to scroll for miles to see everything and I can add way more content.

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These are just a few that were added.

Still can’t remember what I wanted to tell you all.

Christmas is in like 8 weeks … O_O … who let time go so fast this year .. they have a lot of explaining to do!  I am madly hooking (crochet) Christmas presents and have one order to finish for a friend off Autcraft too.  Man I even started searching for ideas early too but then July, September and October just disappeared from beneath me.

I can’t wait however .. truly cannot wait.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year .. carols I can piss everyone off with, decorations, pressies, family.  I don’t envy the fact we are going to be broke again but the festive season kinda makes up for it.  We are not religious people but we celebrate Christmas for the love and family and festivities.  Honestly I cannot wait.

Yeah still nothing has come to mind.. when it does I’ll badger you all again.


I HATE cooking!

I cannot stand cooking, not in the slightest .. i hate it with every fiber of my body. If it is something I really want I ‘might’ tolerate cooking but otherwise it forever puts me in a foul mood. For instance I commit a huge sin when it comes to cooking, i leave the pan on its own in the kitchen cooking sausages or burgers and go back to my pc momentarily whilst they fry away, jumping around bubbling away in their own fat and oils.

I’m doing that as we speak actually..

So, I wondered what kind of terrible mother I am going to make, not liking to cook. Will I doom them to not eat as they should? Will I receive comments from other parents about how I don’t feed my kids right? Will they all grow up hate cooking (I bloody hope not, wouldn’t wish this on anyone)?

I got onto google wondering what other parents do. Parents whom despise cooking. Found heaps of blogs, some useful, some unrealistic and some clearly written by people whom not only don’t have kids but I’m not sure are even women! Other websites had recipes, most of them written by (made by) major online recipe companies.

One I found stood out like a sore thumb. She spoke of feelings I feel, how she hates it all, loves food but hates the process and the cleaning and everything in-between. I was rather hooked by her blog post and decided to travel further into her website to source her recipes she uses for food the family eat.

A few clicks of the mouse later I see a photograph of a meal and a recipe below. It was chicken snitzel with salad and bacon. I think YUMMO!! And excitedly scroll down to see how she made it.. She hand made the crumbs along with herbs from her gaarden, seasoned the chicken, CUT THE FUCKING BACON EVEN herself into the teeny little shredded looking pieces. The mash was hand peeled potatos infused with butter and herbs made in some 7 step process that takes almost 45 mins on its own without cooking the potatos. All up it was around 17 ingredients and over an hours prep and cooking.

This from a woman whom apparently despises cooking … shit lady, heard of the supermarket? I don’t believe a word of her blog any more. All her recipes are full on marathons that only a god damn chef would do or something whom actually enjoyed. I get wanting fresh things, but anyone whom hates cooking would buy shredded bacon and pre-crumbed schnitzel with herbs from the local meat market.

I venture further into pages of google links, pages upon pages of recipes that claim to be ‘the lazy mans cooking’ and honestly not much of it is anything a real lazy person would do. And then BANG! Page 3 .. Pinterest! I <3 Pinterest. Albums of foods with less than a certain amount of ingredients or cooking time less than something .. or even just simple simple foods tried and testes through time.

So, my advice, go to Pinterest for your recipes .. the food there looks nicer, is made by humans not robot recipe websites (yes i know many of those sites have recipes submitted by humans) and I’m not being hounded to by my ingredients from coles / woolies / some famous cook person / but this frying pan, see this advertisement, sign up to get the last 3 ingredients rubbish..

Ok, rant over.

Crafty Christmas for Kids

xmastex05Keep crafty with your kids!

You don’t have to be a kindy teacher or a Michelangelo to make kids crafts.

I collected some links with a handful of great Christmas decorations and gift ideas for older toddlers / children to do with their friends / family.





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