So since my last post things have been going fairly smoothly in everything really.

Lots of little things happened along with big new things too.  Everything from my best friend’s baby being born to hubby and I having our new Kyaks.

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The main thing I wanted to post about .. well a few main points anyway .. is that firstly I changed the theme as you can see.  Trying out a few things and a few styles.  Secondly is that I changed my youtube header image and finally made 100 subscribers .. WOOHOO!!! *dances* (The image below links to my youtube page, click it and see for yourself 😀 😀 )ytcat3Next news item is rather exciting also, I am now a Brand Ambassador for a most awesome gaming related website called  It is a social networking platform for gamers.  It integrates with Steam, you can share your videos, twitch streams, talk gaming to gamers and quite frankly is minus the facebook and twitter drama.  It is a volunteer position for me and will utilize my networking knowledge and skills.  The website itself is only open to invited persons for now and if you would like to see what it is all about please click